Welcome to No-Code miniAccelerator - an online program where you

Turn your business idea into a profitable reality in just 12 weeks and Win 10 000 EUR

No technical skills needed
Works for 99% of the people
10 000 EUR prize for the best


We have a solution -
No-Code miniAccelerator

No-Code miniAccelerator is an online program where you'll master no-code tools, discover business opportunities, and launch your product to the public. Here you will be a part of an amazing community that supports each other and share their learnings. The ultimate goal of the program is to help you achieve revenue.
And you can do this without any previous experience and while being in full time job!
Learn how to build digital products without coding
Get help starting your startup journey
Receive tips&tricks on how to sell and attract customers for your business
Compete for 10 000 EUR money prize

Why No-Code? 

Only 0.5% of the world's population knows how to code, leaving a ton of great ideas unrealized. But now there is a way!
Thanks to no-code tools, people like you can create the next AIRBNB without spending months in coding bootcamps or hiring expensive software developers.
Don't believe it? According to Gartner, a technological research and consulting firm, by 2024, no-code and low-code platforms will be used for at least 65% of all application development activity.

No coding skills needed

You don't need to have any coding knowledge to start building things with no-code

Build functional products

No-Code isn't only clickable mockups, what you build with no-code tools can be used by thousands customers

Integrate with other services

You can integrate your no-code app with other services and, if needed, also add some custom code

Make fast iterations

Unlike with traditional software development, using no-code tools allows you to make fast product iterations

Why miniAccelerator?

The miniAccelerator program is a unique combination between online training and business acceleration, providing participants with targeted programs and specific goals. The miniAccelerator program is developed by experts with more than 16 years of combined experience creating business support programs and tested by more than 2000 people. Our program is effective and efficient, helping you achieve your goals without consuming all of your time and resources.


More than 2000 people have participated in miniAccelerator programs

Years of experience

Created by experts with more than 16 years of experience creating business support programs

Offering different programs

At the moment, miniAccelerator offers 4 different programs: No-Code, Amazon, Etsy and Stock Investing miniAccelerator

Trusted by top organizations

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Meet No-Code miniAccelerator team

Here is the core team of no-code miniAccelerator. People who will be there to help you and guide you through your miniAccelerator experience. During the program, you will also meet with other mentors and experts from the field.

startup/biz expert
No-Code expert
Webflow expert
bubble expert
Marketing expert

Which option you will choose?

Option A
Get support from mentors
Be a part of ambitious group of people
Build a product without coding
Get help launching your business
Win 10 000 EUR
Option B
Listen to people who say you can't do it
Spend months looking for help
Try to learn coding
No marketing activities
10 000 EUR in debt and 0 sales

What to expect from the program?

Startup fundamentals

Good fundamentals are key. Before going all-in on building something, we will show you how to properly find your key customers, research the market, do validation, etc. Plus we will guide you through some legal aspects and will introduce multiple support programs available in different countries.

Learn how to build with no-code

Watch live and on demand workshops on how to build things using no-code tools. Don't worry if it's your first experience, we will start with simple examples using Carrd, Airtable, Glide, Make, etc. And gradually will be moving to platforms like Webflow and Bubble.

Participate in 3 hackathons

Learning how to build is cool, but the best learning experience is by doing. Not only you will have hands on experience building with no-code, but hackathons will give you a chance to test your business ideas and create new teams.

Learn how to do marketing

It's true - you can build amazing things with no-code very fast, but you still have to be able to sell and market them. That is why we have prepared materials that will help you to get your first users and customers.

Ask questions for experts

During the program you will have a chance to ask your questions for experts who are leading the workshops and have prepared the learning materials.

Be part of a community

You won't be alone - meet and chat with other people who are on a similar path as you. Would be a simple chat on Slack, weekly Mastermind session or co-building session, we will help you and other community members leverage the power of each other.

Pitch for investors

At the end of the program we will have a Demo Day where you will have a chance to pitch your new venture for investors and also to get some media exposure.

Learn to Build

Learn how to bring your business ideas to life without writing a single line of code. Our experts will guide you through finding the right idea, building it with no-code tools, launching it, marketing it and selling it to your customers. Are you ready to unleash your inner entreprener?

Build to Launch

With the miniAccelerator program, you'll have the opportunity to create fully usable products using no-code tools. We'll provide 3 hackathons and multiple co-building sessions to help you get started. Take the chance to take your ideas and turn them into products!

Launch to Generate Revenue

Ready to take your product to the world? We will help you launch and get your first users. Our experts will show you how to use paid ads, find the right channels for your product, and make a splash with a ProductHunt launch.

Who is it for?

Professionals spotting a niche in their industry

You have identified a unique opportunity in your industry and now you are looking to pursue it independently from your employer.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

You have a desire and vision for your own business and are actively seeking ways to make your dream a reality. But like many others, you don't have the skills or capital to build your product.

Small business owners/managers launching new products

You are looking to develop new products or services to stay competitive in the market. But you need resources that can help you develop and launch your products more quickly and effectively.

No-code builders wanting to accelerate growth

You are someone who uses no-code tools to quickly and efficiently develop your products and services. And now you would want to create something bigger, possibly with a new teammate.

Ambitious future billion-dollar company founders

You are aiming to create and build a billion-dollar company and need the right tools and resources to do so. You know that the right guidance and support can help you reach your goals and unlock new opportunities.

You will get the chance to

Learn how to build products without any coding or software developer skills
Master marketing and sales techniques on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more
Get essential tips on how to successfully launch products
Find a co-founder and launch the business together
Join monthly hackathons and build innovative products
Win a 10 000€ cash prize and the title of "Best founder by miniAccelerator 2023" if you are the best
Benefit from many other advantages!

Participation Fee

Choose the best package for you! All No-Code miniAccelerator packages includes access to learning content and our most popular one will give you also a chance to compete for 10 000 EUR prize and a supportive community along the way.

Next No-Code miniAccelerator starts on February 15th!
Paperplane - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
12 week No-Code miniAccelerator
Self-learning Package

This is the basic package that will give you access to all learning content from No-Code miniAccelerator.

What's included:
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Building with No-Code - Live sessions & recordings
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Product Launch & marketing - Live sessions & recordings
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Startup fundamentals and business - Live sessions & rec.
Rocket - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
12 week No-Code miniAccelerator
"We build for you" Package

If you want to learn and be part of the community, but don't want to do the technical things yourself, we can build the product for you!

What's included:
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Everything from the full package
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
🤝 We build the solution for you & 1on1 mentorship
*Price can vary based on the solution

Your other options?

If you want a cost and time effective method, with up to date information, that already has a proven track record, we suggest you apply for No-Code miniAccelerator.

Don’t believe in no-code?

While you can discuss whether or not no-code really works, entrepreneurs and businesses of different sizes are taking advantage of it!

Next no-code miniaccelerator starts on february 15th

Join No-Code miniAccelerator, build your dream product, generate revenue and get 10’000 euros from us!

Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

To be a good fit for miniAccelerator, you probably are:
- You have gained industry knowledge and are looking to use it in order to launch your business or you want to use no-code tools to build products for your own small business.
- We hope you are interested in entrepreneurship, are self-motivated, and excited to build new things
- Eager to be an active participant in our growing community, that also means, you are ready to help with your advice for other participants
- As mentioned before, you don't need to have previous business or no-code experience

When the program will start?

The program will start on February 15th 2023. Right now, you can apply and show your interest in the program, after receiving your application, we will contact you, as we want to interview our potential participants before accepting them into our program.

What is the language for the program?

No-code miniAccelerator events and lectures are held in english, because the participants are from multiple countries. Also because the majority of No-code tools are only in english, so in order to be effective in building products and running ADs, you have to be able to read and understand english fairly well.

What does it cost?

To see the participation fee for No-Code miniAccelerator 12-week program, check the pricing section.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes, we will organize all our events online, so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have a good internet connection.

What is the time commitment?

It depends on you and how much you want to learn and engage with others. Of course, to fully take all the advantages offered by our program you have to be ready to invest your own time. However, it shouldn't be a problem to be a participant in our program and to have a full-time job.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to write us to hello@miniaccelerator.com